Friday, May 16, 2008

Ribbit on Your Head, Head

Almost every day there comes a point in time where Drew's energy outruns my creativity.  This particular point in time is called "just hang on 'til bedtime".  It is usually at this time that I end up making up some dumb song or game just to keep things moving along.  Oh, how I regret those songs!!  Out of all the songs we sing, it is the dumb, made-up ones that get stuck on repeat.  Drew is super into putting Ribbit on my head.  Don't ask me why.  I have no earthly idea why this is even remotely entertaining.  So, in one of those desperate moments I made up a little song about Ribbit on my head.  Now I get to sing that song at least 107 times a day.  My only hope is that because his attention span is sooooo short maybe in a couple weeks some other desperate ditty will take over top spot!

By the way, I tried to get a pic with Ribbit on Drew's head.  He was not interested.

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