Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Ode to Crocs

Thank goodness it wasn't raining today. Yesterday the three of us were like of bunch of caged animals. I was still recovering from our "vacation" and had no really swell activities up my sleeve. By the 14th round of "If Your Happy and You Know It" we were pretty much NOT showing it.

Today, the weather was beautiful. I was so excited that we went outside right after breakfast. I thought to myself, "We're staying outside until we can't stand it anymore." Good plan. I didn't really take into account that our yard would be a big, muddy bog after all the rain. Things ticked along just fine at first-the kids played in the sandbox and on the slide while I got to chat with a friend on the phone (gasp!) Once they realized that I definitely wasn't going to let them eat the dog's food, they moved the yard. In a matter of about 2.5 seconds they were covered from head to toe in mud. The best dirt spot of the day was the complete bottom of Lyla's bloomers!

I decided that we might ought to move on from the backyard. I put the kids in the wagon and handed them a granola bar and made a couple of laps around the little loop. Let's just say that stagnant yard water, mixed with mud, mixed with chocolate, mixed with snot, is not a good look-even for a toddler! I had no choice to but to put them in the bath before lunch.

In the meantime, their little crocs sat on the kitchen counter. After I put them down for a nap I put their shoes under the faucet and in mere seconds they were as good as new. Whoever invented Crocs is a genius. Whoever made them toddler size deserves a nobel prize!


jon. said...

Amen, sistah. I don't know what I'd do without them.
: )

jon. said...

and, yeah, this is not so much jon...