Wednesday, May 28, 2008

There's something about the ocean

Sorry for the lack of new entries.  I've decided that family vacation for a mom really takes up about 3 weeks of time.  1 week getting ready, the actual vacation, and 1 week to get everyone and everything back on track!!

We had a GREAT time at the beach!!  We (the Hulls, Kelleys, Edmondsons, & Grammy) left in the middle of the night on Thursday and got to our condo by noon!  The condo was totally fabulous, with plenty of room for the kids to run around and spaz out.  Which they completely took advantage of!

The first afternoon it was a little overcast and chilly, but the benefit of that was that the water did not feel cold.  As we walked down to the beach, Drew got very excited, and when we got near the ocean, he started running towards it!!  I was so excited.  I thought he might be scared or overwhelmed, but he was totally into it.  He and Dan had a total blast playing in the waves.  He also learned about a jelly fish and spent the rest of the day going around "stinging" people.  (Just yesterday I was reading a book that had a jellybean in it and he turned around and poked me, saying "buzz".  I had no idea what he was doing, and then I realized I said jellybean and he heard jelly fish!  He remembered after all those days!)

The next couple of days were warmer and he was not a big fan of the cold water, but he did still play in the ocean.  We had lots of sand drama-sand in the eyes, TONS of sand in the mouth, snacks in the sand, sippy cups encrusted with sand.  It was delightful.  

Saturday night we ended up going out to eat after we swore we wouldn't!!  The weather was not great, and we needed to get out.  We ended up at a great place with a playground and outdoor seating.  Minus our horrible service it was actually a really good time.  Drew was totally pumped to feed the fish some "bite bites".  He's still talking about it.  I'm still shivering over it.  It was a whole giant throng of disgusting catfish who fight over the little fish pellets.  Shoo!

Another big moment came when Drew and Lyla had their first ice cream cones.  Weston is a total ice cream cone pro, so he led the way.  We found these super cute tiny ice cream cones at the store.  They were a total hit!

I loved being with my sisters and mom.  It was total co-op parenting.  We all just took care of everybody, and it was such a great feeling to be moms together.  I loved spending so much time with Weston, and having my Lyla there with us.  It was an amazing, special memory.  I can't wait to make a million more.

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