Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Confessions of a Guilty Mom

I don't know what it is about becoming a mom that  brings on all the guilt, but it happens.  I heard one person say she was pretty sure when she pushed her baby out, the doctor pushed a big package of guilt back in.  We moms feel guilty about everything that happens to our child.  Or near our child.  Or in the vicinity of our child.  And while I'm sure each generation of mothers has had many things to feel guilty about, it sure seems like these days the experts are all shouting at us moms about something we should or should not be doing.  This is especially tricky for someone like me who tries to do everything right, all the time.  I'm pretty sure that's why God gave me Drew. =)  In a matter of just a few weeks I was forced to throw out all of my plans and go to the magic land of "doing what works".  I, by the way, am a big proponent of the land of what works.  My sister and I discussed writing a book about it.  It would be very short and to the point.   So, in an effort to unite the moms, I'm going to confess all the things I do that I've been told I shouldn't.  Feel free to join in.  It'll make you feel great.  While I expected to find other moms my biggest supporters (and have within the fam) most moms in the community are wearing their Judgy Von Judgerson caps pretty regularly.  Stand up for other moms, ladies!  Give them the freedom to unleash their inner rebel.

Here goes:

1.  I have used the T.V. as a "babysitter".  
How on earth do you think I have time to write blogs, anyway?  Plus, I prefer to think of it as "keeping them company".

2. My child eats vegetables from a can.  With salt.
But, hey, he eats vegetables, right??

3. I use candy to bribe my child.
Specifically suckers.  And more specifically, Dum Dums.  Until yesterday, when I found some organic, dye-free suckers.  So, that's basically fruit, right?

4. I create "teachable moments" because I'm lazy.
"Drew, can you go get the GRAY shoes off the BLACK mat?"  See?  Teaching colors and staying on the couch all at the same time.  

5. I put sprinkles on my kid's oatmeal.
I do make him choose and say the color, so again, fabulous "teachable moment".  My hub actually started this one, but I have done nothing to fix it.  And it makes breakfast time a lot more fun.  For him, and me!

6. My house is probably filled with all kinds of bad plastics.
And I say probably because I'm not even sure which ones are bad.  This whole BPA thing came up at a time when I was pretty much exhausted from worrying about all the awful things facing my child, and after the time when I had already fed him for 9 months using bottles that were not BPA-free.  And yes, I put them in the microwave and dishwasher.  Call the BPA police.  Maybe they'll had wash all my plastics for me.

See?  Don't you feel better about yourself now?  Moms unite!  Fight the paranoia power!   


Deanna said...

Oh are definitely a mommy after my own heart! (And by the way...I think your child is VERY funny and entertaining!)

Welcome to my list of favorite bookmarks...I will definitely be checking in here regularly.

Deanna =)

JenP said...

Judgy Von Judgerson is a definite relative of my favorite Smokey Von Smokerson. Kelly, you are a great mom--and I am writing down these tips.