Monday, September 1, 2008

Impromptu pool party

Man, we have had such a great time with Daniel home all weekend. Any time I tell Drew we are getting ready to do something, he asks if Daddy is coming along. He is going to have serious withdrawal when Dan goes back to work!!

After church yesterday we were basically just hibernating. While Drew was having dinner, my neighbor came by to ask if we wanted a picnic table and easel FOR FREE!! Ummmm, yes please! I've decided it is a definite bonus to be one of the youngest families living in a neighborhood. People are always looking to unload their little kid toys! We walked down to their house, got our loot and came back home. We had kind of tossed around the idea of taking a walk, but I was crabby and just not in the mood. Ha! It was just so hot. So, I had the idea of going to the pool. By the time we got ready it was almost 7 p.m. I wasn't sure how Drew would do that close to bedtime. He did great! We had such a total blast. It was cool, the water was a great temperature and Drew had one of his best swimming sessions yet. It was one of those great moments you can't plan for and can't re-create.

Daniel and I were goofing off seeing if we could still do a handstand in the pool (good visual, I know!) The answer to that question is a resounding no! We were definitely feeling our age. Daniel could barely get out of bed this morning because his back was hurting. We were racking our brains about why his back would be hurting and then he said, "It might be because of the handstands." Oh my gosh. I was cracking up! Of course that's why his back hurts!!!! Poor guy has spent the day on the heating pad. Next time we'll only do the geriatric exercises! =)

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