Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Curse of the Talking Toys

Ever since last Christmas, I've kind of had an attitude about "new fangled" toys.  I just really wanted Drew to have some of the simple classics of old.  You know, like the "corn popper" you push around, the balls you pop through the little table with a hammer, a jack in the box.

But, like any guilt-ridden mother, I have also given him or requested for him lots of the new kind of toy-that all make some hideous noise, usually meant to resemble children laughing.  

The "curse" I speak of started with a talking dog.  You push various parts of its' body and it responds by singing a song or saying some random phrase.  Back when the kids were tiny, we spent a lot of time playing on the floor in my room.  This dog was a big part of our activities, and so, was in the toy basket in our room each night.  It is quite disturbing to wake up to the sound of, "That tickles!" being screeched out of the dark corner in your room.  

Then, as the bulk of the toys migrated to the family room downstairs, every night was filled with the "curse".  Daniel or I would pick up the toys only to be serenaded by the sound of zoo animals, car engines, and that weird "laughing" sound.

Last week the "curse" hit a new level.  My mom was here visiting and sleeping in the playroom/guest room.  In the middle of the night the zoo puzzle I bought Drew for giving up his paci started screeching at her!!  It's a good thing she's such an understanding Grammy.  A lesser person would have brought the puzzle into our room and thrown it at us!  The puzzle problem slipped my mind as our week started.  Yesterday, horror of all horrors, I hear the puzzle screeching during nap time!!  In the playroom.  Where Lyla is sleeping.  Guh.

So today I moved the puzzle into my room, thinking about how "with it" I was to remember to move it out of the playroom before nap time.  Yeah.  "With it" until I'm in my bed tonight, home alone, and the puzzle starts screeching.  I almost set it on fire right then and there.  

Add to this the uncanny knack the kids have for setting the clock radio alarms to midnight every time they play with them, and you could say I'm a tad jittery.  I'm of a mind to dismantle all the "talking" toys and make Drew some balls and dolls out of cut up rags. 

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Liz said...

I share your disdain for those new fangled contraptions (fortunately I have yet to share your experiences!!)- if you ask me nothing beats a nice set of wooden blocks.