Sunday, September 21, 2008

A-Camping We Will Go!

I did it!!  I finally talked Daniel into going camping!  He took some much needed time off from work, the weather was perfect, and all the stars aligned and we took our first camping trip.  I think we were a little nervous about how it would go, but for me, it was one of the best memories of my life.  I have forgotten how relaxing camping is for me.  

We went to a state park only about 45 minutes away-you know, just in case everything crashed burned!! Since our first night was Thursday night, we pretty much had our pick of campsites.  We got a great spot, and Daniel built us a great campfire.  After Drew went to bed, Daniel and I roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.  And, yes, Drew went right to sleep!  We were amazed.  Unfortunately, when Dan and I went to get in the tent, we woke him up.  He thought it was hilarious that we were all sleeping in the same place.  He would sleep for about an hour, and then I would feel him touching my face and laughing!  He definitely wanted us to get up and play/sing songs/give him knuckles.  It was a looooong night, but all in all I couldn't help but laugh every time he woke up. 

The next day Daniel went to shoot 9 holes of golf (camping and golf???  Genius!) and Drew and I played on the playground and I took him down to the creek for the first time.  He loved putting rocks in his bucket and throwing them in the water.  After nap time (a really abbreviated nap time!) we went back to the creek with Dan.  Drew was starting to get really adventurous.  He wanted to walk all the way across the creek.  We couldn't let him do that, but he did get to walk out onto a big rock with Dad.  

We had another great campfire, and Drew roasted his first marshmallow.  He was a little nervous about being that close to the fire, and definitely preferred a "raw" marshmallow to the roasted ones.  Which worked out for me-I ate all of his rejects!  And, after the crazy night before and very little nap, he slept like a log all night long.  Even Daniel and I got a pretty good night's sleep.

I'm already trying to plan our next trip!!

Playing with toys:

Hanging out with Dad on the log:

Roasting his first marshmallow:

Collecting Rocks in the Creek:

More playing in the creek:

Collecting Firewood:


Laura Kelley said...

Way TOO cute. Drew makes me excited about having a boy. What a fun trip.

JenP said...

Love it! I am so glad you guys had fun! Love you.