Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Music Man

My son is obsessed with music. And as I've mentioned before, he is super obsessed with guitars. We have stumbled upon a new show and it is right up Drew's alley. The "Imagination Movers" is a group of four guys who, well, it's kind of complicated, but for the purposes of this post, we'll just leave it at: they have a band. Throughout their show, the sing various songs and play their instruments. And can I just tell you that when the songs start, Drew grabs his guitar and jams along-complete with appropriate "rocker" moves. Of course, if I happen to be watching with him, I am promptly handed an instrument and asked to join in. If there is not an instrument handy, he implores me to do my best air guitar (which by the way, is quite sad). The night of the super bowl, when Bruce Springsteen came on to play, he grabbed his guitar-held it like a stand-up bass-and jammed along. In front of company! He was in the zone.

This does not only take place at home. Yesterday, we were in the grocery store and a song came on that he apparently enjoyed-"Bu-down, mommy, bu-down!" [Translation: Play your fierce air-guitar, mommy!] In the grocery store?? Yeah, we were rockin' out totally on the beans and rice aisle.

Each night before bed, either Daniel or I spend some time in the rocking chair with him and he loves to sing songs. He is starting to sing along, which is a hoot! Last night he was singing "Peace like a ribber". And poor guy, his voice is still sort of raspy and he kind of sounds like a lunger when he is singing. Not that it helps that he is listening to Daniel or I sing each night. That can't be good for tune development.

We definitely need to be getting all of this on video. If he ever goes on American Idol, this is the kind of stuff they love to show! Or, you know, we can haul it out at the rehearsal dinner for proper parental induced embarrassment!

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