Monday, February 2, 2009

That's Amore!

Drew has had a rough few weeks. He has a cold that just won't give up the fight with the major climax occurring in the middle of the night last night. (Because when else would be a good time for a cold to hit full throttle??) Anyway, he was up for good this morning at 5:20 a.m. And I'm not really sure when he actually got up-I heard him moving around at 4:30 and when I checked on him at 5:20, his light was on. Ugh. Apparently he missed the memo that I do not get up in the 5's. Ever. I told him it was still dark outside and he needed to go back to bed. He came completely unglued! So, I made a pallet for him in the playroom and turned on Disney and tried to squeeze in a little more sleep.

Drew is, when he's feeling good, a great sleeper. He always has been and it has been one of the major bright spots in rearing him. Even on his worst days as a baby, he would go right to sleep and sleep all night. The down side is, once he is up-he is up. There is no easing into the day for this kid, and once he's up, he expects you to be prepared to give him your undivided attention and begin the task of keeping him entertained for the next 13 or so hours. He does not play by himself. Ever. I keep trying to explain to him the merits of alone time, but he's not buying it.

So, this morning, he watched T.V. for approximately 17 minutes before he started saying, "What's that?" to everything that came on the screen. And if I didn't answer (sleep, people!) he would ask me again, louder! Guh. It was awful. And then, out of nowhere, he came over, laid his head down by me and said, "I love mommy". OH. MY. GOSH. This is the first time he has ever said it and it was the best thing EVER! And then he just kept telling me all morning long.

What a little casanova. Just in time for Valentine's Day! He already knows just how to make a momma swoon!


Laura Kelley said...

Oh that is the best. Congrats and it never gets old.

Lissy said...

What a sweetheart!! I bet you'll get up in the "5's" anyday if you get to hear those sweet words! :)