Thursday, April 1, 2010


Was it worth it? Was it worth a 10 hour car trip alone with a preschooler and a baby?

In a word, YES.

We had such a great time at Todd and Nikki's house! There are many things that made the trip worth it. I'm tired, so you can read about them in a nice, concise list fashion.

1. Absolutely the number one awesome thing about Indy was the fact that Eli (the little guy who just turned four) owns a Buzz Lightyear costume. A full, head to toe, includes shoe covers and gloves Buzz Lightyear costume. With light up wings. LIGHT UP WINGS! I'm just going to let you marinate in that for a minute...

Yes, Drew nearly peed his pants and proceeded to wear the costume the entire weekend.

2. Nikki and I made a rainbow giant cupcake for Eli's birthday party. At 11:00 p.m. Moms are awesome. (And I swear that's the last time I'll say "awesome" in this post.) It's always more fun burning the midnight oil when there is someone fun to talk to.

3. Drew jumped on a big trampoline for the first time in his life. And loved it.

4. i jumped with Drew on the big trampoline and didn't injure myself.

5. I got to watch Eli and Josh play the Wii. Have you ever watched little kids play a Wii?? It's nothing short of hilarious. Utterly hilarious. And even funnier when the four year old says, "My arm hurts from too much bowling!"

6. Todd and Nikki live in a quintessential midwestern neighborhood. Like, they literally hang over their back fences, babies on hips, talking. It was a little like visiting Pleasantville. In a good way. I felt like I could move in that day and have 10 new friends.

7. People could not stop talking about my "accent". I kind of forget I have one. Then Nikki's sister said, "Listening to you makes me want some biscuits and gravy and sweet tea!" I mean, I love inspiring that kind of thinking. It's good to be a southern girl.

8. Drew had some boys to play with. And he loved it.

9. Emily slept through the night. I mean, this is good wherever, whenever, you know?

10. I was reminded of how important family is. All the time. And how important mommas are to each other. Go find the nearest momma and hug her neck. She worked hard today!

Would I do it all again? Hmmm...that's kind of a trick question. Hooooooopefully, the next time I head up the road it won't take 10 hours. But, we'll go again. Oh yes. We will.

Just as soon as Katy and I work in our trip to King's Island.

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Katy said...

ah - wah HOOOOOOOOOOO!!! We're going baby!