Friday, April 16, 2010


Well hey there! I mean, just typing the word Smorgasbord reminds me of the time my friend Jen, Daniel, and I went to this country buffet place and we had this waiter (what was his name?) that was totally strung out on some kind of heavy drugs. It really added to the whole experience of eating at a country buffet, which is full of WOW sights and smells. Anyway...

Been a little absent around here. We've been to crazy town and back. And in case you're wondering, crazy town is not as fun as it sounds. Daniel has been out of town, Emily has been a wreck, and it's tax time. Goooooooooood times!!!!! It seems the apex of crazy town has come and gone. Thankfully.

I have had several ideas for blog posts over the last couple of weeks. Sadly, I never got around to it. So now you get to read all of my random thoughts in one, long, boring post!

Emily's reflux has been off the charts. Her eating went super down hill and we were having a hard time keeping things "moving", if you know what I mean! However, it looks like the prune juice cure is taking care of business. She has improved on eating solids a little. She is up to a whopping four foods so far: oatmeal, pears, peas and squash. She has done well on all of them. That's the less than great news. The GREAT news is that we are now...drum roll please...a SWADDLE FREE ZONE! I threw the hammer down, oh yes I did. It was time. She was ready, I was ready and we are not looking back. We have had one tough nap time but that is it!! And, another drum roll please...she took some sips out of a sippy cup last night!!!! She is not a huge fan, but she did finally get that she could suck on the straw to make the juice come out. Oh sweet happiness. There is a light at the long dark tunnel of bottles.

Drew, it seems, has weathered "the phase" and come out on the other side a little more independent. This, I think, is what "the phase" is all about. Last week at school he declared that he would be putting his Ribbit in his backpack until nap time. We had been talking about it for a while, and then he decided. And that was that. This has been huge. It has enabled him to play more and with less inhibition. He has days where he is really out of his shell and it is really fun to see.

I am only 90 pages away from FINALLY finishing my 1000+ page book. It is great. Although, I have been a little more liberal in my skimming this time. I really can't bear four straight pages describing tactics in the naval battles in the Pacific theater. (Look how much smarter I am! I used phrases like "naval battles" and "Pacific theater")

You might have noticed the list over there ------> has been lacking in action. Don't worry, I have really good excuses all lined up. Per the kids' bedrooms...I decided I really should not make goals that are dependent on large sums of extra cash laying around. We are not really "extra cash laying around" kind of folks. So. It should probably come off the list. And as for April's goal, well, it's still April. And now that 5 family birthdays, Easter and our anniversary are behind me-look out dry goods!

More to catch you up on. Even a few pictures! Come back and see me!


Jen said...

Wylie...that was his name! Happy Anniversary. I LOVE you all.

khull05 said...

GIRL! I knew you'd remember his name!!! Awesome. Wylie. Good times.