Thursday, August 5, 2010

10 months!

Emily is 10 months old!! Didn't I just do one of these? Yikes!

Emily, at 10 months:

*You have lots of new tricks. The biggest one of the bunch is that you are pulling to stand! When I got home from my girls' trip, this is what I found:

We had to lower your mattress right quick, before you decided to jump out!

Your other favorite place to stand up is in the bathtub.

(This picture. I DIE!)

You are still learning to get back down. When you forget how, you give out a big ol' yell! You are still pretty scared to move your feet, but you are getting the idea that there just might be another way to get around.

*You have added clapping and dancing to your repertoire. You have a little stage fright though. If I catch you dancing and say anything about it, you laugh and then stop! You will not really perform any of your tricks for anyone else.

*You can make the sounds for a dog and a lion. And, to your credit, you think every animal (besides a lion) says "Ruff ruff", which comes out of you "unh, unh". At least you have the concept that they are animals!

*You really like Elmo. We are watching a bunch of Sesame Street because it sort of bridges the gap. It's a show that you and Drew enjoy.

*You are eating like a champ, have lots of foods that you can tolerate, and you love to drink from a straw. We are working on 10 straight weeks of no puking! Woo hoo! Dairy is our last horizon, but based on a bad call by mom and a little test, we are still a ways from conquering that one!

*It is getting more and more difficult to take your picture in the big, brown chair! Here are some shots from our photo shoot the other day:

Em, you are so easy-going! Even when you aren't feeling good, as long as you're up and about, no one would ever know. You are such a big snuggler and you love to give love. You are a major Daddy's girl! You flirt with him like none other!! Daddy and I (and Drew) love you so, so much. Your sweet self makes my day-everyday!

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