Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Take 2

Well. I don't know if all 8 of ya'll stormed the gates of heaven on my behalf all at the same time or what, but I'll have you know, today was 1 bazillion times better than Monday. Hallelujah and amen.

Somehow the exact amount of time this morning seemed longer. With fifteen minutes to spare I was looking around trying to figure out what 5 steps I had forgotten. But everything was done. No one spilled milk. No one got kicked in the head. I even had time to stop for coffee, which no doubt added to the utter goodness of the day. Emily took better naps, and I was able to actually laugh at all the scary Jesus pictures instead of cry. I used the paper cutter, the laminator, and attended a meeting with the facilities director. And then I pinched myself to make sure I hadn't time warped to six years ago.

Speaking of six years ago, I have to confess that I got stuck working on a computer document and I called my friend Mindy, who was my right hand woman at the church, for help. I told her I was aware that she no longer worked for me technically, but surely she knew when she signed up with me, it was for life. And wouldn't you know she solved the problem over a text message. Man. I wish I could afford her services right about now!!! I could also use the sound advice and comic relief that came from two of my other favorite people at my old job, (and now I'm starting to sound like this one pastor we worked with who started every sentence out of his mouth, "Back at my old job..."), the communications guru and his trusty pal graphic designer guy. Look, I realize a monthly newsletter at a preschool should not have me all tied in knots, but I just can't be happy slapping down a bunch of clip-art and calling it a day. Issues. Too bad, though, because clip-art is all I've got.

Have I mentioned I'm going with a monkey theme in my room? I'm a very theme-ish gal. I must say I'm pleased with my choice. All in all, I'm much more up-beat today. Yeah, hang on because my moods swing like the wind! It also didn't hurt that the admin assistant showed up in my room with some chocolate this afternoon. Good to know she possesses mind reading skills. All good admins do!


Katy said...

YAY! I bet Ms. Suzie prayed for you :)

thedreadpiratebobby said...

Heh. I wear my Cartographer's Secret shirt at least once a week. Your projects were always the best.

Your peeps are blessed to have you.