Friday, August 20, 2010

Shock and Awe

Yesterday I took Drew to the dentist for the very first time. I know, I know. I'm around 8 months late for this visit. I have no good excuses. Oh, I have excuses, just none of them are good! Mostly I was terrified that he would go completely ballistic, and frankly, I was skeered. But, it was on my "get to it before school starts" list, so we did it.

I lucked into a fantastic pediatric dental office. And, by the way, where was the pediatric dental office when I was a kid??? I digress. They have a great website and I got all the info I needed before we even went. One thing I read on the website is that they really prefer for the kids to go back on their own, without a parent. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttt. Sure, I thought. We'll give that a whirl, and I promise you'll be begging me to come back with you. I didn't mention this little fact to Drew. I am learning more and more everyday about what things to prepare him for and what things to spring on him last minute. It's a delicate balance.

We got to the office, checked in, and Drew explored the waiting room. After we were there a few minutes I casually mentioned that the dentist likes for kids to go back without their mommies. "You won't go with me?" he said. "No, I don't think so." And he said, "Ok, mommy." Uh-huh. Right. I was sure the bravado would fade as soon as they called his name.

The hygenist came out, called his name, he gave me a hug and kiss, walked towards the door, turned around for another hug and kiss (yep, here we go, I thought...) and then...and THEN...he just walked right back there. I sat in my chair paralyzed with shock. And awe. And then, I almost started sobbing at the grown-up-edness of it all. Are you kidding me???? A little bit later they came to get me and sat me in the consultation room. Drew came bopping towards me with a prize bag and a balloon. Um, did I mention the sobbing???

He had a perfect check-up and when the dentist said, "Keep up the good work" I almost laughed in his face. Good work. Snort. Luck is what it is.

Add to this stellar dental visit the fact that Drew has decided he does like the shower after all, washes his hair on his own, and then declares, "I can dry off and put my pajamas on by myself," well, it's all just a bit much for old ma.

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Lissy said...

Etta told me the other day that "she needed privacy" in the bathroom and to "please close the door". (Why does this only work one way I wonder?!) Anyway, she came out, dressed and everything, all on her own. They sure do grow up fast!