Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day!

Well. Some more of the white stuff showed up at our house! We've had quite the busy winter already with all the weather events. This is my second snow day as a teacher and I must say: I'm in love with the snow day! First, I get PAID on a snow day and unlike a public school teacher, I don't have to make the day up!! Therefore, I am getting PAID to stay home and play with my kids. Do you hear me?? I'm living every stay-at-home mom's dream on a day like this!!

Emily is sick (apparently a weather event brings on the sickness for her...) but that has not stopped us from having a total blast. We got out in the snow yesterday and played our guts out. I mean, for the relatively small amount of time we could be out there before baby sister starts to shiver all over! But, Emily? LOVES THE SNOW. I don't know if you remember Drew's first encounter with snow, but "love" is definitely not the word I would use for it. Such different kids. Both so awesome. I know, I know. It's so annoying when a mom talks about how awesome her kids are. But, I aim to speak truth. And they are awesome.

We dragged out a beach bucket and proceeded to make snow castles that were so much for Emily to smash with her hands. Did I mention she laughed the entire time we were outside? Then we got out the wagon and did some running down the road in the wagon. This was a favorite game in early fall when it stayed light outside for longer and we could play outside after school. It was especially hilarious in the snow. I just work on trying to block out the humiliation that comes from my running down the hill. It is paralleled only by the week after Christmas when I almost missed trash pick up and RAN outside in my robe and rain boots trying to get my trash to the truck. Have you ever been laughed at by the garbage men? It's a good time.

Anyway, after our wagon fun and some time inside to warm up we played out back on the deck where Emily sat in the snow and laughed and Drew and I engaged in an epic snowball fight. We were super heroes you see. He ran around the yard while I stood on the deck and threw snowballs at him. I don't really think he comprehended the distinct disadvantage being in the yard gave him. I don't think he cared, either, because he was cackling like the Joker the whole time! The best moment came when he took a flying leap off the top stair and jumped down to the ground. He stood up and said, "YES!" I kept telling him all night, "Remember when you did that big jump off the deck. That was so awesome!" He was beaming so much I really didn't need the lights on at all.

We pulled out the couch bed and watched movies/TV all day. We made some toasted garbanzo beans and homemade pizzas. We practiced our somersaults on the couch bed. And yes, Mama hauled her buns over her head exactly once and HOLY MOSES the dizzy. After having Emily my equilibrium does not seem to be the same. I get sick trying to read in the car and apparently somersaults are OUT of the question. Good to know.

So yeah. Paid for all the fun. You might not be surprised to find out that I'm really crossing my fingers for another snow day tomorrow!

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Katy said...

Love it! I wish I had half the fun mom ideas you come up with!