Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ringin' It In

Someone posted on facebook yesterday that however you spend New Years day will be an indicator of the rest of your year.

Uh oh.

Let's hope in this one instance, facebook is not the be all, end all of wisdom.

I really like to pretend that my kids are flexible, go with the flow children. You know, seeing how their mom is so super laid back, it really makes you wonder why they are so high strung. Ahem.

Last night we "went out" for New Years to my sister's in-laws' house. And by "went out" I mean we were home by nine. I was fairly impressed that my kids made it as long as they did. I was really banking on them falling asleep in the car on the way home, since it was sort of a drive. No way, Jose! They kept those peepers wide the whole ride home. After I got them both in bed I made the giant mistake of watching the movie "Inception". Which I'm still all twisted up about. Another time... By the time the movie was over, it was 11:45 and I thought to myself, "Well, what the heck. I can stick it out 15 more minutes. And anyway I'm sure the kids will sleep in a little." [cue ominous music] And LUCKILY I got to catch a performance by NKOTBSB. The ridiculousness of this combined has-been group boggles the mind. This was followed up by the slightly uncomfortable moment when poor Dick Clark did the count down. It was one of those moments when the crazy starts to creep in, and you know it's only because you are exhausted, and yet somehow, you still put off going to bed. Besides, the kids would sleep in. Surely.

Happy New Year! 6:30 a.m. Drew is raring to go. I turned on a show for him and rolled back over. A few minutes later he brought me a fruit roll-up. To have for breakfast. And I let him. Because that's how I roll. Back over to sleep that is. Only a few short minutes later, Emily was up. I was pretty sure my head was going to start spinning around.

Skip to right now, nap time an hour early because both kids were a super new year wrecktacular. Emily is cutting 6 teeth at one time, probably still has an ear infection and is just generally PISSED OFF. Drew is like a caged animal and was shocked and dismayed (to put it mildly) when he held some cheese out to the dog-the dog actually ate it. The nerve.

Mommy needs a nap. And a month's vacation in the Rocky Mountains. And a caffeine IV. 2011, you'd better change your attitude right quick!

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