Thursday, January 27, 2011

So Glamourous

You know that old cliche, about a mom with young kids and how all she wants is to get a shower? You know why it's an old cliche?? Because it is so freaking true. The first challenge is remembering that you need a shower. This seems fairly basic, but I'm sorry to admit, there have been times I have outright forgotten. Wow. That's fairly embarrassing. The second challenge is finding that golden window of time when the stars align and you can get a three minute shower without someone falling down or falling apart. All those quick camp showers in my past trained me well for motherhood. Who knew?

Yesterday I grabbed a moment and did my best to shower and fix my hair. The shower thing has become even more challenging now that Drew is too old to just wander around the bathroom while I shower. I mentioned the horrid glass door we have right? Well, let's just say we've reached a gawking stage. Is that too much information? He cannot understand why Emily can wander about freely in the bathroom, but he has to hang out in my room until I'm done. Which, by the way, is all of 5 minutes. But apparently, it's SO LONELY out there all by himself. And I'll take FOREVER. He is honing his hyperbole skill.

After I finally finished showering I had to try and tackle my hair. Emily is terrified of the hair dryer. She sees me pull it out of the drawer and goes running. And then proceeds to stand outside my bathroom door and scream in terror for the entirety of the hair drying experience. Which is a while, because, in the words of my hair dresser, my hair is "massive". Is that really a word you want used in regards to your hair? Lustrous? Yes. Shiny. Yes? Massive? Eh.

As I went to begin the very complicated clip and dry in layers system yesterday I realized my round brush was nowhere to be found. In case you didn't know, the round brush is crucial to the straight hair. This is so riveting, I know. Finally, in frustration, I just decided never mind, forget the drying. I knew as soon as I gave it up and moved on to something else, I'd find the brush. And I did. In the kitchen, under the pots and pans cabinet. Because, where else?? Of course, when I found the brush I then spent 10 more minutes looking for my clip that I took out and laid down ??? Good thing I went to all the trouble of drying my hair because that 15 minute trip to Kroger? Well, you only want to look your best when you're cruising the aisles with two little ones in tow.

In other news we had a completely meltdown free day yesterday. Come to think of it, maybe it was my scary, curly hair that put Drew straight over the edge!

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