Friday, August 12, 2011

Hey, Howdy, Hey!

Kids, it's been one of those weeks. Hence the no blogging and the already slacking on the Project Monday project. Sometimes life doesn't click along like you hope and instead of spending much needed time in the laundry room, you spend it somewhere else. And it's not really worth blogging about, so you don't.

I did manage to take down about 16 screws from out of one wall. No idea why Steve (previous owner, on whom everything bad is blamed...) had so many dang screws in the wall. But they're out now. It's still up for debate whether I will patch the holes. I'm very non-committal about the whole thing. Aren't you glad I didn't write an entire post about that??

This weekend I am *hoping* to get the laundry room/pantry/cabinets cleaned out. It's a meager hope because we all know how often things go according to plan. I did manage to clean out both kids' closets, including taking out clothes that are too little. I opened Emily's closet today and I had kind of forgotten it was clean. I laughed. And then I wanted to climb in there and stay all day because it's one of the few places I've spent time on that has remained neat and tidy.

Next week marks my last week of summer school. It has been such a great summer. I have built great relationships with some great kids and their great moms. I love the laid back pace of keeping kids here. I have all the time in the world to chat with them at the end of the day. We're going to have a camping extravaganza all next week. I really hope the weather cooperates and the temperature is not in the 100s. Nothing like playing in a tent that feels like a sauna...

In other news I went with my gal pals to see "The Help" last night. Ya'll. It is so good. I am usually very anti any movie that is from a book. I love books. I'm very loyal to them and they are always, always better than the movie. But this movie just about pulled even for me!! Fabulously casted and so well done. I would go see it again tonight if I could. Two thumbs up.

Well, I just stopped in for a sec during rest time at summer school. If I turn up missing, you might want to suggest they look in Emily's closet...

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