Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Meet Your Teacher Day!

I would just like to start this post by saying that my totally rockin', amazing, kind, talented sister baked the cutest monkey cookies for my class today. They.are.adorable. I have a picture to show you, but my computer and my camera are not currently on speaking terms. I've kept them connected while I'm writing just in case they decide to get over their issues with one another. You cannot fathom the cuteness. And not only did she bake cookies for me, she made cookies that are dairy, nut, and gluten free. AND THEY TASTED AMAZING! (and I would know...I might have had three...just sayin') The moms of the allergy kids in my class were ecstatic. I think it was a great way to show I care about their kids and will take great care of them. Thank goodness I'm related to a baker. I'll let you know as soon as she starts her business!!

My day was terrific. I'm going out on a limb and saying that I'm pretty sure I'm going to win the award for best class this year. Listen, I love kids. And I really love preschoolers. And this bunch? I was ready to squeeze everyone of them. Don't worry. I didn't. I think that might have been a touch overwhelming! I have a whole class of oldest/only kids this year! It was a little like the paparazzi were in my room. Somewhere out there are a whole bunch of pictures of me. Scary.

I have four boys and four girls, and you know what? The Science center was the hit of the day! I'm so excited. Last year I really felt my science center was by far the weakest. This year, I think it's going to be amazing! The best part is, since I moved my room around, we have room to all gather back there and do experiments. Can't wait.

I had a meet-up with my moms last week that was so much fun. They are just the sweetest group. So today it was a little like seeing friends. Of course, some of my last year's kids and moms stopped by and I felt so sad!! I know this all sounds so mushy and probably a little fake. But I'm telling you-the community at this school is unlike anything I've ever seen. I am blessed, blessed, blessed to be there.

Let's not forget that I had my own to rugrats to visit classes. Being a teacher, I didn't really think about taking their pictures during the visits. Oops. I will definitely get a first day of school on the porch shot. It's sometimes hard to remember to be mom and teacher at the same time!! Ha! Both kids are in for such great years. Emily is in class with Miss Cricket. She loves her so much already. That girl was made for school. She is going to have such a blast. And probably boss everyone around while she's at it! Drew is still quite sad about leaving his beloved Ms. Sydney. I'm fairly certain she will always hold top spot in his
heart. They are a perfect match!! However, this year he has two AMAZING teachers. One of them has been at the school for many, many years. She is so kind and caring and such a prayer warrior. His other teacher is my good friend and I know he will feel so comfortable with her in there. I think he is going to love the new things he'll do in a Pre-K classroom. They have some great systems for centers, and you know that kid is all about a routine. He also told me today that "I'll probably have to do a lot of computer work." Wonder if he knows he won't get to play super hero games at school??? All his best pals are in the class-his friends from last year, his big buddy from the summer and his BFF LYLA!!! Katy and I are SO excited they get to be in class together. Speaking of Lyla, you should've seen her today. Gorgeous, cutest pink ribbon in her hair. I'm so glad she still lets me hug her and kiss her!

Ok. Well. A little on the chatty side tonight. All that grown-up interaction today-you'd think I'd be all out of words!! I'm looking forward to several days off. I've got a lot to do before the first day of school...but I am ready for it to be here. This year is going to be full of great things. And lots of caffeine!

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