Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Made For TV

There are some days that I would swear there is a TV crew secretly tailing me. They are setting up all kinds of shenanigans and obstacles for me to put up with. Then, they are taping me trying to survive these capers and are playing them for all the world to see. And laugh at. If this is not the case, then somebody is missing out on a LOAD of money.

Today, for example, was a complete sitcom. Everything started out normal. I loaded the kids in the car to drop off the recycling and head to story time. Well, after I went back into the house 3 times. After I dropped off the recycling, I realized that I forgot my library books that were due. I had just enough time to go BACK home, get the books and get to story time on time. Bad call. By the time we got to the library it was raining, and every parent in Bellevue decided to come out for the stories. We had to park in the back forty. Did I mention it was raining? I knew there was no way I could let either of the kids walk. In case you haven't walked with a toddler lately, they aren't exactly in a hurry. I had no choice but to sling each kid on a hip and run across the parking lot. Are you taking a moment to visualize this?? Me. Two thirty pound toddlers. Hauling it across the parking lot. In the rain. By the time we got in the library, my hair, which I had painstakingly washed, dried and straightened for the first time in forever looked something like this:

Amazingly, the kids did great during story time. Drew gave "Bear" three kisses and two high fives. Lyla really, really wanted to, but just couldn't bring herself to. Next up, the amazingly long jaunt back to the car. Holding both kids. I put both kids in the back seat, giving Lyla strict instructions to go to her seat, which she did, after playing with my keys. I got my keys from Lyla, started the car, (because it's a million degrees) and got out of my door to buckle Lyla in. I closed my door and went to open Lyla's and it was locked!!!!!!!!!! MY KEYS WERE IN THE CAR. Along with the kids. Holy you-know-what. Thank the Lord we have OnStar and thank the Lord my AWESOME husband renewed it in the midst of all the craziness he has to deal with. ( I owe you big time, Dan!) I was in a flat panic, but luckily when we bought our car the guy who did my orientation put the onstar sticker on the window so I could see it in just such an instance. I borrowed a phone from a random lady in the parking lot and within about 2 minutes the doors were unlocked. In case I haven't told you yet, I'm in love with my car. I know it's a big gas guzzling nightmare, but seriously??? Two minutes and the doors were unlocked.

Someone, somewhere was taping this, I just know it. Maybe for a "what not to do" video. Most likely for a slapstick comedy show.

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