Wednesday, July 2, 2008

They Melt in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hand

I mentioned before that Drew discovered his love for M&Ms on the way back from the pool one day. Well, at least I think that's when he discovered them. I'm starting to wonder if he's had them some other time. The M&Ms I had were in a plastic baggie (they were super cute personalized ones that said, "Girls Weekend 2008") So, imagine my shock when yesterday, as Drew was "sorting" the mail, he flipped totally out when he saw a picture of a pack of M&Ms!! How on earth did he know what the package looked like?? (Grammy?? Aunt Kristin??) Man, it was hilarious. Since we had to run down to the hardware store, I told him I'd get him some. He squealed with delight when I handed him the pack. After I paid for them, he leaned over and gave the store clerk a kiss!!!!!!!!! My child, the one who will hardly LOOK at a store clerk, gave this random woman a kiss!! He's pimping himself out for some M&Ms!!!! In case there was any doubt, he is definitely my child. Oh, the power of sugar.

This has all led to my shameless use of bribery to help us through the tough times. Poor Drew is a bundle of misery right now as he is teething, which in turn has caused a reflux flare. My fabulous little boy from the past several weeks has turned into one big fit of rage. It is so sad when he just bites and bites Ribbit. Grrr. I hate teething!! So, in order to survive, I'm using his new found love of candy to keep him somewhat in line. :) It's much more fun than time-out or spanking. I'm really hoping he is feeling better before the weekend-or else I'm going to need one giant bucket of M&Ms!

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