Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shear Genius

R.I.P. ~ Drew's Mullet

Today was a monumental day! Drew got his first real haircut!!! This was not technically his first haircut. Several months ago, Drew had two lovely little "snakes" of hair trailing down his neck that Daniel cut off. But, this was the real deal. We took him to a "kids only" salon, and it was really neat. (Daniel said it was the ultimate in "yuppy". So true, but it sure makes it more fun for the kids!!) Yesterday, I started talking to Drew about getting his haircut, because I knew if we just took him in cold, he would freak out. So, we started talking about it and then we set up our own barbershop and gave Elmo a trim and style! I explained everything that would happen. I was sure to make a big deal out of his getting to wear a cape-just like "Super Map" off of his favorite Dora episode.

Elmo and his "cape"

Drew combing Elmo's hair

When we got to the salon today, we had a little while to wait, which turned out to be a good thing. I let him watch another little boy getting his haircut and he noticed right away the suckers they were handing out to kids who were finished! When our turn came he loved getting his cape on, but then became laser-focused on the lady's scissors!! He cried just a tiny bit, but then was SO brave.

I am so, so proud of him!!! And his hair looks so stinkin' cute! He looks much more like a little boy. (Sorry about the cheesy pic-he now thinks he should close his eyes when he says, "Cheese!")

As we were getting ready to redeem our prize (they give you this little plastic card and at the end you get to slip it into this big machine and it spits out a prize!), another little boy was having a total meltdown. He had a wild headfull of curly hair. I think his parents probably wait a long while between cuts!! I don't blame them. I'm just glad we were done before that kid got all cranked up. Drew was definitely worried about him.

It was a big day, capped off with a blue raspberry dum-dum and a cherry icee!!


Laura Kelley said...

Awww, he looks like such a big boy now. I can't believe how just a haircut can age them so much. So cute Drew.

Janette said...

OMGosh Kelly! How stinkin' cute he is! He's lost that baby look and has turned into a little boy.