Saturday, January 31, 2009

Life's Little Surprises

Before you ask (again) NO I'm not pregnant! I thought I should clear that up straight out the gate since the title of this blog has the word "surprise" in it. And, since both my sisters are having babies soon, the preggo watch is laser focused on me! Ha! I promise, you will not be informed of my pregnancy on my blog. Now you can relax!

Today was a Drew and me day. I did not have much planned for us besides a trip to Babies R Us. And since the only one is across town, it's kind of a big trip. I realized today that I have probably not been there in a year!! It was a weird feeling to go in there, especially after so many trips in the past with the double stroller loaded down with cases of formula!!

As we were leaving my friend Kim called. Have I mentioned my friend Kim? She has a 19 month old son and 17 week old twins. Yeah, she's a total stud. Anyway, they needed a fun activity today, so we decided to meet at Chuck E. Cheese. I had previously promised myself that I would not inform Drew of Chuck's existence until he was approximately 12. But, always a sucker for a cute moment I gave in. After Drew got over the drama of getting a hand stamp upon entering (did not see that coming! I thought kids liked hand stamps!!) he had a total blast. Kim and I have great lunch dates with our boys. I don't know what it is about having the two of them together, but they always sit and eat and we always get to talk. It's a slight miracle.

We got home 30 minutes late for Drew's nap, so we battled through a minor meltdown. I decided after nap time we were going to get some outside time in. I think Drew is in desperate need of some fresh air. So, we went down to the little playground in our neighborhood. Honestly, it's a sad little place and most kids get bored playing there after about 1.3 minutes. But, it was good to get out. As we were walking home, the school bus passed by. I know I've mentioned before about Drew's obsession with busses, so we stopped and waved. Since Drew decided to walk home rather than ride in the stroller, we were still walking up the hill when the bus came back around, so we waved again. And then, an amazing thing happened! The driver opened the door, invited Drew to climb up the steps and pick a sucker from her sucker basket!! He was way too taken aback to climb aboard (which I know he is going to regret!!) but he did go for the sucker.

I have to say this little moment restored my faith in humanity just a little. Most of the school bus news going around these days is not good news. Bad things happen on school buses. And seriously, where was this lady when I was riding the bus? Both my bus drivers just yelled their heads off all route long. There were no suckers. I love this lady! Way to take a job that is surely grisly most days and make the most of it. She's my new favorite.

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Laura Kelley said...

Awww, this is such a great post. And I love that you guys were still walking home when it came back around. And I cant wait to hear your preggers!