Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Yep. That's plural. Been quite a night around here. Not to be outdone by the princess of puke, who is getting quite good at aiming down my shirt, Drew was in rare form.

We had a little dance party after dinner tonight. We tend to do things like this when Daddy is working late. It helps pump me up for the home stretch. You know that hellish period when two kids cry before bed time?

So. We're dancing and the song is giving instructions. We come to the part where it says, "Turn around, turn around, turn around" and Drew says, "I'm just gonna swing my arms instead of going around." And I say, "Why?" And he says, "Because when I spin around I get busy and then fall down."

You go, boy. Get busy on the dance floor!

Later, he popped up on the couch and shouted, (in a panicky voice) "Mommy, where are my eyebrows?" I was struck dumb for just a moment. When I gathered my wits I said a profound, "Wha?'

Drew: "My eyebrows, mommy, where are they?"

So, I walk over and feel his eyebrows. "Right here."

Drew: "WHERE??"

Me: "Why don't you go in the bathroom and look in the mirror at them?"

Drew: "Ok."

Emerging a few seconds later he says, "Whew. Thank goodness. I thought I lost them."

And again I say, "Wha???"

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