Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

It's just barely Monday. This would be indicative of my life as a whole. Juuuuust squeaking by! We had a week, therefore, I have a few things to confess. For more Mommy confessions, head on over to MckMama's place.

I did not, in a complete remedial Mom move, fail to deliver Drew's valentine's/treats to his class last Thursday. I did not debate this issue for approximately 7 hours in my mind two days in a row, wondering what would happen since school was out on Tuesday for snow. I did not think of sending a note to each child's parent explaining my really good intentions. I wouldn't need to do that, because I'm an all-star mom. Definitely not the only mom who made the wrong choice in not sending treats. Awesome.

I also did not lie to my child about Valentine candy. After my teacher friend showed up here last night bringing all manner of candy from her classroom party, Drew was foaming at the mouth. I definitely did not throw all the candy away after he went to bed last night and then tell him I had no idea what happened to it. I wouldn't do that. It's dishonest. I would not lie to my child.

Last, but assuredly not least, I did not let my child "earn back" his t.v. privileges tonight just because his Dad was working late. I would not have pretty much taken any opportunity to say, "Oh, great job _________ you earned your t.v. back!" That would be lazy and soft. I can totally handle two kids during the worst time of day on my own without the help of Caillou. Really.

It's SNOWING again. There's a dusting on the road, so I'm sure school will be out tomorrow. Good thing we're shelling out for preschool every month.

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