Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane

It's Thanksgiving eve-eve and I'm trying to stay awake and get everything packed up for our travel this weekend.  It has been quite a while since we've road tripped with the kids due to my grad school schedule, and I'm actually a little excited.  Which means that about an hour into the trip, I'll be over.it.

Remember the list I posted a couple of days ago, outlining the remaining things I needed to get done in order to finish school?  Well, here's how it looks now:

Complete coursework: Teaching the Exceptional Learner
*Write one information brief (note to self: figure out what an information brief is...)
*5 online modules/forum entries
*One teaching philosophy paper
*One InTasc reflection (don't ask, I promise you don't want to know)
*Prepare a presentation on students with Emotional Disturbance

6 practicum hours

1 E*portfolio presentation
*Revise any InTasc reflections that need revising
*Prepare a new resume
*Try not to panic

I'm feeling pretty dang good about that.  I present my e*portfolio in less than a week.  I'm taking my computer with me this weekend, but I can't even imagine a scenario which includes me having time to work on it.  Which means Sunday night is going to be a doozy!!

In other news, I got honked at in the car line today.  We can put that under the column heading of things I've never experienced before.  You'll be happy to know I resisted the urge to flip the bird to the woman behind me.  Here's the thing.  I try really hard to be a diligent member of the car line community.  It is beyond annoying when someone is not paying attention and they get left behind.  However.  I literally looked down at my phone for two seconds-which, naturally, were the exact two seconds the line finally decided to move.  I think you should hold off on the honking until I'm at least 5 car lengths behind.  I'm thinking of submitting this as a policy to the school handbook.  And do you want to know the really weird part?  The woman was right behind me during the portion of pick-up where we get out of our cars to wait for our kids.  And she kept LOOKING at me.  Seriously lady.  It was almost like she wanted me to thank her for honking at me.  She was a bold one, oh yes she was.  I did my best to avoid her awkward staring, which is something I've developed real skills in.  And then Drew didn't make it to my car in time, so I had to make another lap.  Yep, nothing like an HOUR in the car line.  I have never felt more incompetent than I do trying to navigate kindergarten!

I hope I'll have the chance to check in over the next few days.  If I don't, I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Like me, for some of you, there is always a tinge of sadness on days like these.  I hope you are able to find space for the melancholy.  I will be thinking of you.

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