Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Wrap-up

It's barely still Monday.

I meant to wrap up our weekend last night.  And then, well, I didn't.

Let's start our discussion of the weekend with the great news that for the second weekend in a row, I did not have to go to grad school.  Hallelujah. Amen.

Friday afternoon I picked Drew up from school.  Sometime during the day he acquired a Sweet CeCe's sticker, reminding us to go there and eat frozen yogurt so his school could get some more money.  Emily noticed the sticker and asked if we could go.  I said yes.  There was complete silence in the backseat.  They were totally stunned!  Hahahaha.  They did not think I would say yes.  I love a moment like that.

We turned the car around and headed over to load up on frozen yogurt and toppings.  After we hit the bathroom of course, because that's what we do.  The kids wanted to eat outside, so we did.  The weather was amazing.  I was relaxed and thoroughly enjoying myself, trying to soak in the Hallmark moment of it all.  Then it sort of went from Hallmark to Modern Family when one child complained that the other child had more yogurt than they did, and CRIED about it.  There may or may not have been a long lecture concerning OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU SERIOUS?  YOU'RE SITTING HERE EATING YOGURT ON A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND YOU'RE CRYING BECAUSE THEY HAVE A LITTLE MORE THAN YOU??? DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY KIDS IN THIS WORLD WOULD LOVE TO BE YOU RIGHT NOW??  Annnnndddd...relaxing afternoon over.

We all stayed in on Friday night.  We watched The Grinch on TV (the Jim Carey version). Emily fosters a complete love/hate relationship with the Grinch.  Fascinated, yet terrified.  Drew asked if he could stay up and watch basketball with Big Dan (only because there was no football on).  I told him yes, as long as he didn't wake me up in the morning, or let Emily wake me up.  I laid out breakfast (left over mini boxes of cereal from preschool) and left strict instructions to let me sleep.  And they totally did!  When I got up (at 8, by the way.  In case you were worried that my kids were on their own half the day.  In my dreams!) they were snuggled together in Drew's bed and he was reading to her.  Do you see how we ride the pendulum each and every day?

I have to admit I wasn't in the best of moods Saturday.  My family would probably call that an understatement.  At one point Big Dan said, "I think you might need to go take a nap!"  Ha! The bottom line is that I was feeling so much pressure to get 2 weeks worth of housework done in one day. We all know how that goes.  It's just darn hard to be productive with other people in the house.  I totally blew it.  I was really thankful when Sunday rolled around and I got another chance.  New mercies are my favorite.

Sunday we did church and then Sunday afternoon nap.  I've started laying down with Em on Sunday afternoons just for a little bonding time.  It's heavenly. Sunday afternoon was spent constructing a wood sculpture for Drew's kindergarten class.  Did you get that?  We had to make a wood sculpture. How fast can we order up a clone of me?  Drew did a great job coming up with his idea-a wooden turtle.  We glued and drilled and hammered until we had us a great, big, wooden turtle.  Today we carried it in school in the rain.  It was epic.

I'm so sad the weekend is over.  But, it gave me a taste of weekends to come.  Weekends with no school and weeks between with no homework.  I have the grad school equivalent to senior-itis.

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