Friday, July 24, 2009

Attic Purge Fashion Show

So...I decided the dead of summer would be the ideal time to purge our attic. Because, I'm not getting to the spa nearly enough for sauna visits, so I just hang out in the attic until I've sweat out all of my impurities. And believe me, these days I have a lot!

I think it's the nesting urge looking for something to nest. At any rate, I have been saying good-bye to all sorts of useless stuff and encouraging my husband to do the same. Both of us kept a completely unreasonable amount of school papers and work papers. I guess when we moved four years ago, all the hard work of it all was so fresh. Now, I could give a care! And, if by some strange chance I end up back in Children's Ministry, you can bet your bottom dollar all of those articles I painstakingly filed will be obsolete. I think I'm going to have to drop off recycling every day.

I did manage one really great find for Drew. Daniel and I had accumulated quite a bit of "skit clothes" over time. Why I insisted on keeping them and bringing them to Nashville is beyond me. Somehow "tacky prom" and a 70s murder mystery party don't really show up on a firm's calendar. Which, maybe they should. A little good mood would go a long way at that place! Anyway, Drew was ecstatic to have some of his own dress-up clothes. He puts on outfits and says, "I"m a movie player!" I think he might mean "movie star".

Gotta run. I think Hollywood is calling...

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