Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Free Nashville

This Free Nashville post is a little unique, because this is actually a free activity all over the country. Regal Cinemas hosts free movie Wednesdays at our Bellevue movie theater. FREE MOVIES!!! I've been sort of itching to take Drew to a movie. Not really sure why. What about loud sound and a giant picture seems like it would jive with Drew, I ask?? Oh well. I'm irrational.

Anyway, Katy and I decided to give it a shot, deciding that since it's free, it wouldn't really matter if they only lasted 15 minutes. And we could always go to Dunkin' Donuts to kill time. Seriously. Twist my arm about picking up some Munchkins!!

We arrived at the theater super early. This is due solely to my paranoia. I had heard through the mommy grapevine that it is hard to get into the free movies, so we should get there early. Apparently 30 minutes early was PLENTY of time, since we were the first ones in the theater! Ha! I apologized to Katy for my freaky overkill (I have to do this a lot...) but it turned out to be a pretty good thing. We got seats on the front row of the stadium seating, which means there was room for the kids to stand up and move around a little bit.

The kids did AMAZING!! We saw the Veggie Tales Pirate's Movie. Drew and Lyla both love Veggie Tales so we figured it was a good choice. I will say that a plethora of snacks really helps the whole attention span thing. Especially if one of those snacks is Rasinettes. Mmmm. Chocolate. But they have raisins in them, so that's good, right?

Every time we try something new, and it works out, we're pumped! So, two thumbs up for Free Movie Wednesdays!

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