Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hello? Is this thing on?

Oh poor neglected blog. I have no good excuse for my sad lack of life documenting. Other than things here have been pretty crazy, and as a general rule, when things are crazy, I tend to think way too much or way too little. You should thank your lucky stars that I choose not to blog when I'm thinking too much. You would feel a lot of pressure to intervene and have me committed!! And when I'm thinking too little, it turns out I spend a lot of time reading other people's blogs and getting sucked into the vortex known as facebook. Geez. Little did I know how addicting a social networking page would become. Somehow, I now have an insatiable need to know the mundane details of other people's lives. Weird.

Despite all the mayhem, Drew and I have still been having the summer of fun. I'll work my brain really hard to remember all that we've done and write it down. The fun has been bumped up SEVERAL notches because my sister, Katy, has been on maternity leave. So, I have a real live grown-up to talk to while we have adventures with our kids!! Drew and Lyla were just getting used to not seeing each other three days a week, and then Katy and I started making plans almost everyday!

Here are a few updates in the mean time. (Do you like how I pretend there are hundreds of people waiting for a post from me?? Ha!)

1. The vegetables are growing!!! Despite the ridiculous heat wave we had, I managed to keep all the veggies alive. I have real live, actual tomatoes growing on my tomato plants!! I think we may have made a late start considering I keep hearing about people harvesting and eating their veggies. Oh well. At least they're not brown and withered, right?

2. I am huge. I would love to say that I am a very graceful, elegant pregnant woman. However, that would be such a GIGANTIC lie that I'm afraid my computer might catch on fire from the sheer preposterousness of it. During the previously mentioned heat wave I was already working on a serious set of "cankles" (you know, when the calf just kind of flows into the ankle, leaving no definable ankle??) Oh, I have all kinds of get up and go until, you know, around 1:30 when Drew goes down for a nap. After that, well, I'm almost useless. Thankfully, I'm still sleeping. This is mostly due to a very creative pillow configuration I've got going. I won't even mention the many mornings I retrieve Drew from his bed, put him in mine, and proceed to let him watch WAY too much t.v. so I can keep sleeping. Because that would be humiliating.

3. I said a few updates, which is pressuring me to come up with three, but I got nothing. Well, unless you count Drew's new love affair with the cartoon "Caillou". The look on his face when he's watching it is reminiscent of his tiny baby face watching Baby Einstein videos. Sort of like a trance. The fact that it comes on just before we start our bedtime routine is, frankly, fabulous. Unless it's today. When he threw the mother of all fits and I told him he would not be watching any more Caillou today. Guh. I hate when a consequence is a punishment for me!!!!

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