Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dear McKay's-I love you

One of my favorite things about Knoxville, when I lived there before and after college was McKay's Used Bookstore. Back in the day, McKays was in a tiny building on Kingston Pike and sort of had a creepy vibe. But I still loved it. What, pray tell, could I possibly love more than cheap books?? And not only buying cheap books, but taking in books and getting cash or credit for them. Brilliant.

You can imagine my jubilation when the heavens parted and down came a McKay's right here in Nashville!! I couldn't believe it. And, in fact, the arrival of McKay's encouraged me to keep my dream of a Chik-Fil-A on Highway 100 alive. Can you imagine?? WALKING to Chik-Fil-A??? Anyway, I have passed on my love of McKay's to my son. We stopped by today for a short visit. I was looking for one specific book and bribed, uh told, Drew that if he was good while I was looking he could pick out any book he wanted. I'll be honest. To this point, I have heavily influenced his book choices. I definitely steer him towards the books I want him to have. Because did you really think I'd lose my control freak tendencies that easily? But today, I decided to just let him pick. ANY book he wanted to pick. I think he is still a little small for so much freedom. I could see the wheels in his mind starting to smoke as he considered ALL those books. Finally, I directed him to the board book section where he could browse a little more easily. His selection? A tiny little book called "Agnes Mouse". I was sure wishing for someone else to be there with me, because I thought it was hilarious!! The best part (and why I LOVE McKay's) - it only cost 50 cents!!! Barely made a dent in my credit voucher!! More free fun!

I guess I need to trust Drew's literary tastes more often. The book has fold out legs for dear Agnes, so that she can sit on the bookshelf. Thrilling, when you're two!

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