Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

I'm trying out another "blog carnival" today. A neat one I have found is over at We Are That Family . I'm attempting many new technical things today, so LOOK OUT!

(Banner added! And a hyper link! Woot!)

My Works for Wednesday is about making cheap and easy photo magnets for your fridge (or other metal areas you keep magnets...) I feel like we get a zillion thin magnets each year with info for some realtor/handyman/insurance agent/banker/lawyer on them. Now, I do have to say that any magnet I get with the UT football schedule on it, I'm keeping! But, what about all the others? I like a free magnet because I love sticking stuff on my fridge. But, I don't really like the junky look of all the random advertisements. So, I started attaching photos to the fronts of the magnets. It is very easy to do, especially since the magnets are quite easy to cut to fit the photo.

So, grab some pictures you would like to look at regularly, cut the junky magnets to size, and attach the photos. I have used both hot glue and scrap booking glue (because I have to use it for something since I don't exactly scrap book...) and both worked equally well.

Makes a nice neat photo montage. For free!
(Noticing a theme here??)


jon. said...

that is such a great idea. yeah - not really sure why we have a nasa magnet in the shape of tennessee. totally random.l

Eos Mom said...

Your idea has stayed with me for two days so I had to comment! I am working on turning the little magnetic area of my fridge (most of it is stainless steel and not magnetic, boohoo) into a "happy space" and I'm going to use your idea to turn old magnets into pretty matching magnets using favorite scrapbook paper. Thanks so much for the idea!!!