Tuesday, November 18, 2008


A friend of mine directed me to some really great curriculum for toddlers. It's online and even better, it's free. The kids and I had a great time doing little projects last winter. As the weather started to cool off, I realized it was time to start planning some activities since we couldn't spend the whole morning at the playground.

For their age group, the curriculum is an introduction to the letters. So, last week we started with the letter A. We colored a picture of the letter A, and then we went on a "letter hunt". We walked all around the house looking for things with the letter A on them. Talk about a hit! The kids really had a fun time.

In the meantime, I've created a monster. Everywhere we go, Drew is looking around finding A's and SCREAMING "A!" at the top of his lungs. It is quite hilarious and has actually made me startle a couple of times. It is starting to get just a tad old. Thank goodness we'll be learning "B" this week!

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