Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Get on the Bus!

I hit the jackpot at a consignment sale last week. I was hesitant to even spend the time going because the last time I hit this particular sale it was awful. As is the trend with consignment sales around here, the last day of the sale is usually half-price day. Last time, almost everything I picked up was marked "no discount". I refused to buy anything marked that way out of principle. Because seriously, your item has been in a sale for three days and has not sold. This means either it is an undesirable item or you have overpriced it. Just be thankful it's not still cluttering up your house and let it go!!

This time, however, I totally scored. I went specifically looking for pants for Drew. I came away with 3 new pairs of jeans and a pair of "swishy pants" and not one of them cost more than $2.00!! I also found Drew a pair of really great rain boots for $3.00 and a pair of red cowboy boots for $7.50!! The cowboy boots are hilarious-way too big, but he loves them. I also found two Eric Carle books for $2.00-for both! $1.00 each. Total steal. And then there is the bus...

Drew (and Lyla for that matter) is obsessed with buses. Anytime we are driving and he sees one he screams out "BUS!!" So when I saw the Little People bus for $3.00, I was totally sucked in. It didn't have any passengers, but I thought it would be a cinch to grab up some Little People at the toy store later. Boy, was I wrong! Replacement Little People are quite hard to come by, and when you do find them they are nearly $5.00 each!!!!!! What??!!

As a result we have a very diverse cast of characters on our bus currently. We have Sonya Lee the farm girl, a stray wise man from our nativity scene and a random Little Person that was left in my office once when I worked at the church. (If I had known those suckers cost $5 I would've worked much harder to find it's owner!!!) I'm excited to get Drew's Christmas box down out of the attic-then Mary and Joseph and the shepherds can take a ride too!

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