Monday, November 24, 2008

A self-indulgent mom moment

I am having one of those days when I think every single thing my son does is hilarious and noteworthy. All of you should be really glad I haven't called you 12 times today to tell you what else Drew has done! I decided to come and blog about it. Because, really, no one forces you to read the countless tales I post on here. Consider yourself warned. I KNOW I'm his mom and think everything he does is cute. I just can't help myself.

Drew's speech is starting to take off a little. I still have some concerns, but at least we are moving in the right direction! My favorite thing he is saying of late is "bibby Yi-Ya" [translation: "Silly Lyla"] He says this anytime Lyla does something she shouldn't be doing!! He is such a huge tattle tale already! He has also started calling "grapes" "beeps". I cannot for the life of me figure out why I think that is so hilarious. But I do. Maybe it's because he was walking around after lunch moaning "Beeeeeeps....peeeeaaase.....beeeeeps". [Translation: "Grapes...please...grapes"]

Lyla's favorite show is "Max and Ruby". Drew is not a super huge fan, but they take turns getting to pick out what to watch and today was Lyla's day to pick a show. Drew was much chagrined that "Max and Booby" were on. Talk about a whole different kind of show!!!

And, as many of you know, for some reason that no one can fathom, Drew calls a guitar a "bu-dong". Do you notice how "bu-dong" sounds NOTHING like the word "guitar"? I suggested to my husband that maybe he was fashioning it after the sound a guitar makes, because he is quite a mimic of sounds. My husband looked at me dead-pan and asked, "What guitar do you know that sounds like 'bu-dong'?!" Good point. And so the mystery continues...

I have a feeling that blogs about things he is saying are about to become really popular. Every time he says something new, I feel myself relax just a little. And laugh, of course, because it is a language only a mother can understand!

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Liz said...

Max and Booby....I think that one would be on Cinemax...or maybe HBO!!

I just realized that you asked me some blog questions a while back and I never got back to you...sorry!! I am going to go back to MWP and see what you pm'd me...or if you have any other questions you can email me.....sorry!!