Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mascots, Part 2

In an unbelievable twist of fate we had another mascot encounter this week!! Two mascots in three still my nervously palpitating heart! Last night Drew and I had a date since Daniel was playing basketball. (He joined a league. I'm eager to see if he will be able to get out of bed this morning!!) Since Drew is too young to decide what he wants to do on a date with dear old mom we shopped and had dinner. Somehow I think eventually the shopping part will drop out of the equation.

We went to have dinner at a place called Red Robin. I had never heard of Red Robin until one moved in and they started playing commercials about it. It's an ok place and is very kid friendly and just happens to be the only restaurant currently operating in the shopping center where we were shopping.

So, as we are eating, I see a giant red bird walking our direction. I almost burst out into loud, maniacal laughter. This could NOT be happening. I tried to maintain my composure since Drew is almost psychic when it comes to what other people are feeling. He had not yet seen the bird. Luckily, the bird stopped at the table across the aisle from us, and so, was behind Drew. I was able to warn him. I said, "Drew, there is a big, pretend bird behind you, do you want to say hi??" (So many absurd things come out of your mouth when you're a mom!) He turned around and his eyes got as big as saucers. To his credit, he did not full-on flip out. He just fussed a little bit and the bird chaperones ushered the bird away. (This was one of those costumes that the wearer clearly could not see out of, which makes the whole thing even more weird and creepy!)

And thus began the 45 minute "conversation" about the big bird. Drew insisted that he wanted the bird to come back. I knew better. I told him we would see the bird after he ate his dinner and before we left. Luckily for Drew, though, a man across the aisle was having a birthday. So, not only did the bird come back, but so did a bunch of shrieking, whooping servers. Drew panicked. However, the little boy across the aisle panicked even more. He was older than Drew and was sitting in a booth opposite his dad. Still a little guy, but big enough to not be in a high chair. When the mayhem started he shot under the table and scrambled up his dad's leg in record time. I could not hold in my laughter any more. This was too good to be true!

After our dinner we headed to the front door for our last encounter with the bird. After the birthday celebration Drew told me he was going to give the bird a five. He never quite screwed up enough courage to do it. He stood there, several feet away, and shuffled his feet ever so slightly in the direction of the bird. I gave the bird TWO fives. The things you'll do for your children... Finally, my patience had worn thin and I was ready to go. Drew gave the bird a long distance wave and we finally headed home.

Drew decided the restaurant was the "bird house". And to my amazement and delight he said both those words, together!! Long live the bird!

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Lissy said...

I so can see this!!! I would have LOVED to see you high-fiving the bird.... ha ha ha ha!!! :)