Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Shout Out to the Working Mama

Today I had to testify in my first trial. I was not on trial, in case you were worried! I was testifying in a CASA case. I have a new case. And, as hard as it is to believe, after all the crazy that was my last case, we never had a trial. You would think showing up to court would be no big deal, but it took a lot of planning.

First, there was the issue of the children. You know, the two short ones that are at my house any given Thursday. Thank goodness for Uncle Jon who took time off work to come be with them so I could do this. Second, there was the issue of my person. I somehow had to get my hair fixed, my make-up on, and something other than snot smeared stretchy pants on as clothing. In case you don't know me well, I'm not exactly someone who gets "fixed up" very often. I've tried a couple of times to be that way, but it's just not me. In fact, today when I had dress shoes on, the kids were laughing! And, I only have the one suit. Not only is it a pre-baby suit, it's a pre-marriage suit. It's the suit Jane bought for me to wear to my rehearsal dinner 7 1/2 years ago. Now we all know I've never been what one would call svelte, but age and childbirth have definitely done me no favors. So, the fact that I got into my suit at all was a small victory. The fact that I didn't look ridiculous was a great bonus.

I had to burn rubber to get to the court house on time and I encountered all manner of ridiculous driver. Finally to my exit I'm behind this guy who keeps leaning over into his front seat, clearly looking for something, and each time putting his brakes on. I'm pretty sure my blood pressure was at stroke level by this point. In retrospect, in my other stay-at-home mom life, I'm pretty sure I'm that person regularly. With two tots in the back seat, I'm rarely focused 100% on the road.

The grand finale was setting off the metal detectors at the courthouse around 10 times. Awesome. I'm already running late, I can see my supervisor, and I'm standing spread eagle in the lobby of juvy getting wanded. Turns out it was my zipper. Seriously?

So, to all you mommas who have to wake up every day, get yourselves into a suit, your kids into clothes, and get to work on time-kudos! I have absolutely no idea how you do it! Bring on the stretchy pants!

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