Friday, November 21, 2008


I knew that if we could catch just one pee on the potty, it would help Drew get that he was indeed supposed to pee on the potty. Well, we finally caught one! He was sitting on the potty and before he could restrain himself-SQUIRT! And I said that, out loud!! Luckily, he thought it was pretty funny, and now likes to sit up there and make "squirts". Oh the things you stumble upon! This combined with the fact that I give him a Skittle for even the teeniest amount of pee, he is more than willing to try to go on the potty quite often. It turns out I'm a terrible potty-trainer, so over the holidays I'm going to do some research so that I can help steer Lyla in the right direction. She goes great for her mom at home, but has a slight disdain for the potty here. Perhaps it's because her cousin stands in the bathroom and stares her down! Anyway, baby steps, baby steps...

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