Monday, November 10, 2008

The Pant-less wonder

Drew is slowly evolving into a nudist. He really has no use for his pants and definitely wants them off the minute we walk into the house. If I would let him go outside or in public with no pants, he definitely would. This goes for socks as well. When I was a little girl, my Mamaw had a major issue about us keeping socks on. Over time it became a pretty big joke in our family. Now my mom finds herself getting nervous when the kids run around with no socks! I will say, our floors can get rather cold (oh ok, and gritty) so I much prefer him to wear socks. Too bad for me. We won't even discuss how he feels about a jacket.

On a totally random, unrelated note, there is a Santa Claus in our grocery store. It's offensive how long it's been there. And Drew is completely obsessed with him. He affectionately calls him "Ho, Ho, Ho". Pretty dang cute. So, then I was teaching him that Santa says, "Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas." Now at any time of the day you might hear him walking around muttering, "Ho, Ho, Ho, bah-bah biss bus". I'll let you sort that one out...ha!

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Deanna said...

Ha ha ha!!! This made me smile about a few of my favorite Holly stories. She also appeared to be a nudist in the making at that point in her life...but is now quite modest, so take heart in the fact that there IS hope for your budding exhibitionist! =)

I remember being in Target once when she was about 2; she was sitting in the big part of the shopping cart instead of the seat (yes, sometimes I was kind of a bad mommy, just picking my battles and trying to keep the peace). I was quite intent on my shopping, only to glance her way at one point and see that her little stretchy pants and her pull-up were down around her ankles! (She said she was hot.) This of course led to Mommy's explanation of why we don't take our clothes off while shopping...I'm sure the other nearby shoppers were quite entertained.

Then there was the time I looked out my bedroom window and saw her standing in the front yard, naked from the waist down (except for the rain boots, of course....)

And then there was the time I walked into the living room and found her perched on the very top of her Little Tikes cozy coupe, one long leg draped off of each side, without a stitch of clothing on, very contentedly eating a cracker. "Hi Mommy!" (Yet another "bad mommy" moment, since rather than considering that she might fall and running to get her off the car, I immediately took off in the opposite direction, looking for my camera...) However, the resulting pic truly IS priceless (and is safely tucked away to be presented to her future husband at the appropriate time.)

She also called Santa "Ho-Ho" till she was probably about 5. So cute. What fun days! =)