Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bye, Bye, Moose

Yay! Daniel came home yesterday!! Drew and I had a great week (minus his being sick), but we both missed Daniel so much. Never mind that I was TOTALLY jealous since he got to spend a whole week in Knoxville.

Last night I was working on a project and Daniel and Drew were hanging out. I was working in the living room (the actual living room-not the family room where we normally are). Daniel brought his computer in to play "Rocky Top" for Drew. I think he was trying to pass along some "Vol" spirit-we're all having to dig rather deep to find it at the current moment. After several different renditions of "Rocky Top", we moved on to playing recent videos from Saturday Night Live. Daniel especially thinks the Sarah Palin rap is quite hilarious.

In case you haven't seen the Sarah Palin rap, it involves a large, mascot-looking moose. Well, Drew was EXTREMELY terrified of the moose!! We didn't really think it would be any problem for him to watch the video, and definitely didn't think any of it would be scary (except for maybe an extremely pregnant Amy Pohler rapping!) So, we were cracking up at him being afraid of it.

And then, I stopped to think for a minute. Is there anyone who is NOT at least a little afraid of a mascot?? A giant, furry cartoonish moose dancing around to white-girl rap is, in fact, extremely scary!! And I hate mascots-of all kinds. During college I went to a hockey game with some friends and almost had a panic attack as a big, giant puck walked over and started harassing me. I don't know who thought people in huge costumes were a good idea for kids...

In true Drew fashion, he talked incessantly about the moose-worried we were going to force him to watch it again. Finally, Daniel got him to say "Bye-bye Moose" and this seemed to ease the anxiety. So, as I was putting him to bed last night, he said a really pitiful "Bye-bye moose". I fully expected to hear him talking about the moose in his sleep.

I am declaring our home a mascot-free zone. Join the movement!

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Carla said...

That is so cute and really funny! My son hates mascots too (but so do we : ))