Monday, April 6, 2009

Llama, Llama

I'm pretty sure there are some pictures on my camera of something we did last week that I was going to blog about. Honestly, I can't remember what they are! And, my camera is ALL THE WAY downstairs. It's nap time and I'm snuggled up in my bed because it's THIRTY-EIGHT degrees outside. Sheesh. Are you tired of me talking about the weather yet? Well, then, tell it to straighten up and I won't talk about it anymore!

Since the mystery pics are stuck on my camera for today, I'll skip ahead and tell you about the puppet show we saw today. Dolly Parton (who I LOVE, by the way! Ha!) has all sorts of neat programs she does. Most of you probably know about the Imagination Library program she started. Each month, from birth-five years old your child can get a book in the mail-FOR FREE! Fantastic. Now she has a little group called the Penguin Players (Or Imagination Penguin Players...or something close to that.) Their first show is a puppet show of Anna Dewdney's books "Llama, Llama Red Pajama" and "Llama, Llama, Mad at Momma". If you have kids and do not have these books, you need to go RIGHT NOW and get them. They are hilarious. And, if you don't have kids, you need to go to the book store and read them. They are, seriously, hilarious. Any book that uses the term "Llama Drama" is a winner with me!

Today we had the chance to go and see this performance! Big shout out to Uncle Jon for a) being a regular patron of the public library and b) having his eagle eye out to notice this show was coming! It was play date day, so Katy, Lyla, Laura, Harper, Hudson, Drew and I all headed to the Inglewood library for the show. IT WAS FANTASTIC. They did a great job. Drew did not move a muscle the whole time! And, watching Harper was almost as good as watching the show. She LOVED it and when it was over she said "Do it again!"

Drew and I were headed home and I was trying to keep him awake so I was asking him questions about the puppet show. Any time I would stop, he would say, "More talking about the puppet show!" There is a repeat performance at the main library on Friday. We might go! If this show comes to a library near you, it's totally worth it-go!


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