Thursday, April 23, 2009

This and That

Hang on, because this promises to be a wily, random post.

You may wonder why I have not posted any Easter pictures. That would be because we got approximately zero shots that were worth a hoot. There were a couple of cute shots of my mom and Drew, but she didn't really love them, and because she's my mom and the boss of me, I won't post them! Ha! Daniel and I are quite hard to photograph together seeing as how I'm apparently part midget. Add to that the fact that my child despises having his picture made and what you get is basically a big mess. I don't know what it is about Easter that makes a mom all crazed about getting a family picture, but I fell right in line. In fact, I made everyone troop over to the neighbor's yard so we could stand in front of a dogwood tree. All that and nothing worth posting. Hmph.

We've been crazy busy. As I mentioned, we had Easter, Daniel's birthday and our anniversary in a three day span. Over the weekend we had baby shower for my sister, Katy. It was really fun. The kids kept wondering who's birthday it was!! Katy's sister-in-law and my friend, Laura, made the best monkey cupcakes you've ever seen. No pictures of this either. I was way too busy running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

The kids and I witnessed a hilarious moment at story time on Wednesday. Not only the kids and I, but Big Dan, too. Our downtown library has a great courtyard on the same level as the kid's area. Drew and Lyla love to play out there (usually throwing sticks in the fountain) after story time. This week, Daniel brought his lunch over and we had a picnic together. While we were sitting there a little girl FELL IN THE FOUNTAIN. Ba-hahahahaha!!!!!!! Of COURSE, I did not laugh at the time. But I wish you could have seen her face and her scramble to get up. Shew. Hilarious. My laughing at this kid (later) pretty much ensures Lyla will be next to fall in the fountain...stay tuned.

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jon. said...

Lyla won't fall... she will jump.