Thursday, April 30, 2009

Main Street Festival

Little known fact about me (or maybe more well known than I think...)-I love a festival! My husband does not love a festival, but he does love me, so he indulged me and took us to the Franklin Main Street Festival last weekend. It was fun. And HOT. But mostly fun. Drew got a balloon, a free bank coloring book and got to hear some live music. I think we might have another festival lover on our hands!!!

They had a whole kids area full of inflatables and snacks and a pirate ship playground. And a petting zoo. Drew said he definitely wanted to go in and pet the animals. I had my doubts. I was pretty sure we'd shell out three bucks and he would refuse to go in. But oh no! He LOVED the petting zoo. He was the duck's nemesis and he walked up to each animal and shouted their sound right in their face. Imagine being the (most likely heavily sedated) pig, laying there minding your own business, when a wily two year old walks right up to your face and shouts "OINK"!!! Good times.

We finished off the afternoon eating delicious festival corn dogs.

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