Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are we done?

I'm confused. I know that really does not come as a great shock to anyone. But, and I hesitate to write this down, I *think* we might be done with the "learning" portion of "Potty learning." I'm flabbergasted. Drew pretty much has the whole thing down pat. Yesterday, I started weaning us off of the every 30 minute regimen to see how he would do. It seems like he is able to tell me now when he has to go!!! In fact, yesterday we were out, and honestly I had completely forgotten about the potty. He announced (loudly, of course) in TJ Maxx that he needed to go. So, I said, "Oh, please hold it until we find the bathroom" and he did! And, with being a boy there is the unmistakable potty sign-the crotch grab-that has now become a part of our lives! Ha! He has mastered the #2 portion of the program as well. Is this it???

We have a few wrinkles to iron out. Like, he will not let anyone but me take him to the potty, Dad included. On Sunday he wore a pull-up to church and we talked all about taking potty breaks with this teacher. No dice. When we picked him up-AN HOUR AND TWENTY MINUTES later, his pull-up was dry and he had refused to potty the whole time. So we ran to the potty and he unleashed Hoover Dam. Poor guy. His teacher said he was "weepy" during class. No wonder.

I'm sure we might take some steps back, but so far, this has been WAY easier than I ever dreamed. I think he is paying me back for all those hours he screamed his head off as a baby!

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Laura Kelley www.pitterpatterart.com said...

Awesome Kelly! Way to go Drew. Now you'll only be changing one set of diapers.