Friday, May 8, 2009

It's all about the potty

Yep. Yet another blog post about the potty. This one is more general in nature. Drew is still doing great and has now been pooping in the potty regularly, too. (It is alarming how at ease I am with typing "poop" these days. Sigh. Motherhood...)

There are some things about potty "learning" that give you a whole new perspective on your city. We have visited many, many public restrooms over the past two weeks. I thought I should let you know about the best and the worst we've found so far. Coming in as the best public bathroom (so far) are the bathrooms at the main public library on the Children's floor. The main bathroom was very clean and this is miraculous considering how many munchkins are pottying in there all day long. There are also "one-seater" bathrooms which are also very clean. They include a stool, which comes in handy for many reasons.

The worst bathroom we've encountered so far is the bathroom at Cracker Barrel. It was dismal and dirty and smelly. And small. Which means it was almost impossible to keep Drew from touching anything. Oh well. I think I poured about a gallon of hand sanitizer on his hands.

Coming in with the honorable mention (for biggest surprise) is the bathroom at the driving range down the road. Drew and I had to go and scout out some new grips for Dan, and of course had to visit the bathroom twice while we were there. It was super clean and even had a cute little cabinet in there. I was shocked. And pleasantly surprised.

The other thing about all this "potty learning" is that I am back to needing to carry a large bag around with me. We were to the point of just tossing a diaper and wipes in my purse and going on our way. Now we have to carry extra shorts/undies, my portable potty seat, wipes, hand sanitizer and a large supply of candy. If you bump into me out somewhere and you're needing a little shot of sugar-I got you covered. To this point I have just been cramming everything into my purse. It's not pretty. And heaven forbid I need to actually get something out of my bag. I have to unload all the potty paraphernalia just to get to essentials like keys and wallet. I think it's time for a new bag. Ok, ok. Twist my arm.

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