Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Potty "Learning" the Out and About Edition

I have no idea what day of the potty experience we are on. Frankly, I'm having a hard time keeping up with my basic days of the week currently!

But, in the midst of much mayhem, we have been trucking right along with the potty. Turns out Drew is doing fantastic. I hesitate to write this down, because usually when you start bragging on your kid, things get messy. Get it?? Messy?? Anyway, even if he takes some steps back, you need to know that he is totally kicking some major booty in the potty department. Get it?? Booty??? I'm awesome, I know.

Drew has been wearing underwear (or basketball shorts, commando style) pretty much exclusively during the day. I decided to just bite the bullet and leave the house with him that way and just go for it. Thankfully, he loves a public bathroom. I am really having to calm myself about the filth going on around us and focus on his hard work. And dole out LOTS of hand sanitizer! Last night we had our best go yet. He rode all the way to Opry Mills and held his business until we got the bathroom!! He also went to visit Aunt Katy and baby Van with basketball shorts on. Never mind that he pulled the emergency cord in Katy's hospital bathroom...at least he didn't wet his pants.

We are still working on the #2 of it all. Drew has a quirky little habit of never pooping away from home. Or very rarely. So that's handy. He had quite an accident on Monday. He was not happy. I'm hoping it will motivate him to make it to the potty next time. Once again, really happy about the hardwood!

An unexpected side effect of the underwear is that most of his shorts and pants don't fit!! I guess the diapers helped hold them up, but now his tiny booty is not getting the job done. The only thing funnier than a tiny kid in underwear is a tiny kid repeatedly hiking up their shorts! I think it's time to get a belt.

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