Thursday, September 24, 2009

Can You Hear Me Now?

One of Drew's new favorite activities is talking on the phone. At some point, the whole concept came together for him-no more nodding his head at the phone when someone asks him a question! This is really sweet, say, when Daddy calls when we are on our way to play school and they can have an actual conversation. Not quite as sweet when Aunt Kristin or Aunt Katy call and he hangs on my leg moaning to talk to them. The funniest part is the fact that he takes the phone and paces around the house while he talks (ever seen his dad talk on the phone??). Today he filled Katy in on everything he had going on, as well as a catalog of all the items within his sight at the moment!

The day we went to the fair, Drew and Lyla talked on the phone for around 15 minutes while I put on my make-up!! Now there's a conversation that will leave you stumped! And, just as in real life, it takes around 2 minutes for them to be arguing about something!

Somebody asked me recently (was it my brother??) how old my kids will be before they get a cell phone. It was my brother, and we were all out to eat, so we started discussing the pros and cons. I lobbied for the GPS enabled phone that can track your child no matter where they are!! But, based on my 2 1/2 year olds' current phone habits, I'm in big trouble.

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