Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday-Extra cup holder

Happy Wednesday!!! Time to load up on great tips over at We Are That Family!

I have to say, I feel a lot of pressure to come up with the best tips ever. Ha! This is not one of them. This is a complete no-brainer that took me about 6 months to come up with. Drew's car seat (which I love) has no cup holder. This has been an ongoing problem and has resulted many times in a "milk situation". You know how I feel about spilled milk. So, I have been halfheartedly looking for a cup holder for his seat. And I was thisclose to spending twenty bucks on one of these.

I even asked my Dad if he had one of his old window models lying around (because it was a real possibility!) because I didn't think they existed anymore. But guess what!!!!! They do!!! I found this yesterday at the auto parts store for $2.50!

It slides right down between the door and the window and stays put whether the window is up or down. Drew was ecstatic to have a new place to put his cup. And I'm ecstatic that I might not have to clean stinky milk out of his seat ever again. Fingers crossed!

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Cheryl said...

That's cool. My guy still doesn't use his cupholder. He seems to think that when he's done his cup gets thrown on the floor *sigh*.