Saturday, September 12, 2009


Just wanted to let everyone know, we have officially entered the "Why?" phase. I swear Drew asks me "Why?" around 100 times in a 15 minute time period. He was at the park with Uncle Mick yesterday (who, by the way, saved the day! He played with Drew while I went to the doctor. I, along with the office staff, heartily thanks him!) and asked him "Why?" quite a bit as well.

I'm trying really hard to answer him with some sort of true answer, but man, some of the "Why?" just doesn't make any sense. And so then I just ask him "Why?" right back. "Why do you think so, Drew?" This is quite a stunner-he sits quietly for a minute, realizing he can't ask "Why?" to my question!!

There is sweet relief when he asks "Why?" and I answer, and he FINALLY says, "Oh."

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