Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday-Lunch packing helper

It's tip time in Tennessee!! Well, and various other places, too! Head on over to We Are That Family for more tips.

This is another somewhat anemic tip, but it is what is currently working for me, so I'm sharing! I'm brand new to the whole having a child in preschool thing. It's been a MUCH smoother transition than I could ever have imagined, and for that I am so thankful.

One of the things that worried me about Drew starting school was the lunch eating. No idea why I would worry about him eating, because most days he eats like a grown man. I think it is a combo of being a mom (I mean, don't all moms constantly worry about what their kids are eating, long after they're grown??) and the whole PTSD from trying to get a reflux baby to eat his bottle for a whole year! Anyway, as I've mentioned before, Drew is not really into surprises. So, I decided to include him in the lunch packing process.

He gets to help choose what goes in his lunch (I give him two choices in each category) and has the task of actually putting it in the lunch box. He loves lunch packing time and has come home with an empty lunch box each day so far. We also get to talk about the food groups while we're packing. And, of course, secretly I'm training him up in the ways of lunch packing so maybe someday he will be able to pack his own lunch!

That's the point of having kids, right? Slowly, but surely, delegating all the jobs to them?? I mean, he will be three soon. Time to get to work!!

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Jane Anne said...

Tip Time in Tennessee!? You must be a VOL fan! I grew up in Knoxville. Anyway, this is a great idea- giving the kids choices for lunch. I need to try to do that some. I have 2 that are now eating lunch at school.

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